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What makes pain a most unbearable symptom is not just its intensity or constancy; rather, it’s completely unpredictable nature. One moment you are going about your business quite happily; another you are immobilised by a symptom that emerges literally out of the blue and disables you for a period of time: from moments to hours.

Pain is a symptom of a body system that is fighting a wrong: infection, inflammation, degeneration, tumours, bleeding & clotting, spasms and a myriad of bodily changes can all cause pain. Pain is often associated with tenderness in the region so afflicted; swelling; changes in the surrounding tissue; increase in temperature and vascularity and so on. As pain becomes chronic it impacts on the normal functioning of the said body part and thereby causes disability. Pain is a common accompaniment of human ageing and one that can be potentially disabling to the sufferer. At TriMed we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to pain management; one that goes beyond medication.


Mobility problems always bring to mind the image of a person who needs a wheelchair or crutches, in order to move about, one who is blind needing a stick, or indeed a child who struggles to move, communicate and understand. While these serious forms of disability exist and need considerable attention and support, mobility encompasses a range of actions from climbing a mountain to picking up a cup of coffee, which when incapacitated, prevent human beings from achieving their fullest potential. Mobility can be affected in a range of conditions that accompany human ageing. At TriMed we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to mobility management; one that goes beyond medication, one that enables our clients to achieve their fullest potential.


The word stress, has many connotations and can imply a range of circumstances from ordinary workplace or familial dissonance to serious mental disturbance. Crucially, what starts off as a minimal disturbance in one sphere of activity can have significant ramifications that affect many life spheres, if left unattended.

While a range of reasons may be held responsible, central to all manner of stress genesis is “the yawning gap between expectations and reality”. Modern lives have spiralled unthinkingly into a vortex of unremitting desire, relentless aspiration, pursuit of material gain, needless and thoughtless consumption, transient and elusive fulfilment, and unfettered hedonism. Stress is a natural accompaniment, a constant companion, as new desires replace the old, and the gap between expectation and reality remains constant, if not ever-widening. Human ageing  brings with it stress and mental health problems of another kind, the need to cope with illness and disability. At TriMed we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to stress management; one that goes beyond medication.


Lifestyle disorders are the bane of the 21st Century. As healthcare has improved, people have begun to live longer. As conveniences have advanced, people have begun to lead more sedentary lives. As aspirations and pressures thereof have increased, our lives have become more stressful. As dietary options have enlarged so have our consumption levels. Obesity that begins in childhood is a prime lifestyle disorder. Sleep disorders, stress and sexual dysfunction are important consequences of the 21st century lifestyle, where “the most recent deadline expired yesterday”. As we play constant catch up, we become vulnerable to a host of lifestyle disorders, with damaging consequences, both short term and long term. Human ageing compounds the complete a range of lifestyle problems. At TriMed we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to lifestyle management; one that goes beyond medication.


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