A Story Of Recovery From Brain Haemorrhage

 In Integrative Medicine, Physiotherapy

Mr. M a farmer from an area near Chennai was first admitted in a prominent Chennai hospital with brain haemorrhage. After a two week stay in ICU he was transferred to a rehab centre. The stroke had left him confused, disoriented and apathetic with slurred speech and a weak left half of the body. Over 1 month intensive physio at the rehab centre resulted in his being more alert and able to sit up but not stand or walk. At this stage, his employer, a satisfied TRIMED customer, requested us to examine him and take him up for therapy.

Mr. M’s first visit to our Teynampet centre was in a wheel chair. While alert and oriented, he was depressed and apathetic, lacked confidence, and remained severely impaired in his activities, despite daily physiotherapy. At TRIMED Mr. M was started on whole body ayurvedic massage, acupuncture, yoga therapy, goal oriented physiotherapy, specifically gait training and psychological therapy (relaxation training and motivation enhancement). Almost miraculously, on the fourth day of therapy, Mr. M started to take a few steps with support and expressed a desire to get well. Today, after 3 weeks of TRIMED THERAPY, Mr. M is able to walk around with support, even going around the centre building with his family member assisting him. He has regained independence in all his sitting activities of daily living and is now being trained on safe transfers- bed-chair-toilet, in preparation to returning home. Needless to say Mr. M, his family, employer and treating physician, are all delighted with his progress, once thought to be unimaginable.

Mr. M is only one of many stroke patients who have made marvellous recoveries in our TRIMED THERAPY program, learning to overcome their disability. Indeed, they inspire TRIMED in its quest for excellence.

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