The Man Behind the Dementia Mask !!

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When the TRIMED team first encountered Mr. R aged 61 years, he was curled up on his bed in a fetal position, doubly incontinent (for both urine and faeces), barely taking in a few sips of liquid and a few mouthfuls of food each day. He was mute and had last communicated with the family in a meaningful way about 4 months earlier. According to the family he had been suffering from memory loss for over 3 years and had experienced considerable worsening in his clinical condition in recent times. His wife of 35 years was beside herself with anxiety at his declining health. It was his son, visiting from the US, moved by the plight of his beloved father, who found TRIMED.

At TRIMED Mr. R was first put through a “360* Assessment”- a measure of his TRUE HEALTH, in which our family physician, ayurved, naturopath & yoga doctor, physical therapist, clinical psychologist and nutritionist evaluated him. A detailed blood profile, brain imaging, electrophysiological tests and expert neuropsychiatry opinion from the Neurokrish team, completed our work up, revealing surprisingly few bodily aberrations that we proceeded to correct. He was started on suitable allopathic drug treatment for his condition, including anti-dementia drugs and vitamin supplements. Mr. R was inducted into TRIMED’s disease management program for dementia and over 3 weeks received nutritional therapy, ayurveda treatments, reflexology, physical exercises & mobilisation, and motivation enhancement training. Drawing him out of his cocoon in a few days, the TRIMED team soon had him up and about, taking part in his therapeutic program with increasing interest, eating well and sleeping normally. Caregiver education about dementia was effectively delivered and cognitive retraining instituted, reminiscence therapy being a particular forte among our counselling psychologists.

Today, 6 weeks on, Mr. R strode into our TRIMED centre confidently for his review appointment. With a beaming smile he greeted us appropriately with a “namaste”. He continues to have recent (and some remote) memory disturbances and to confabulate (make up) his replies. However his social behaviour and interactions are appropriate, he recognises his family members and addresses them suitably, is eating, sleeping and exercising well. Indeed he even follows “the TRIMED way” our one hour exercise protocol, with a bit of prompting. Mr. R’s son is leaving for the USA this week, a happy man. He found TRIMED for his father, and in his father TRIMED found “the man behind the Dementia mask”.

We at TRIMED are inspired every day, by people like Mr. R, their families, and the power of “modern healthcare with ancient wisdom”.

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