The Kundalini in Our Bowels!

 In Ayurveda, Naturopathy

220px-DiagrammaChakraKundaliniWhen Mrs. S, the wife of a practicing physician, first approached us, she been suffering with an uncontrolled appetite and irritable bowels for over two years. She was eating every two hours, had gained over 10 kgs, and had to visit the loo at a similar frequency. She had consulted an army of medical specialists, had been labelled “neurotic”, “anxious”, and a variety of other disparaging terms. At TRIMED, our 360* assessment of her TRUE HEALTH revealed one very important aspect that perhaps had not been identified in her myriad scans and tests- Mrs. S had several features of autonomic dysfunction, although she was otherwise in perfect health.

When we first prescribed our Trimed Therapy Gastro disease management program for Mrs. S, she and her family were disbelieving; that using a combination of alternative medical approaches, our very special brand of integrative medical therapy, would help. Nevertheless, desperate as she was, Mrs. S committed herself to a TRIMED program that included a detoxification process, diet, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation exercises, as well as sessions of therapy both with ayurveda oils and therapeutic mud. The only allopathic input from us for this program, was to introduce a ion channel stabiliser and continue her prescription of lactobacillus and pantoprazole (both longstanding).

Over a month Mrs. S started to report an improvement in her symptoms. Her bowel movements began to stabilise and her visits to the loo halved. Her appetite too became more stable and manageable, with her managing her diet with smaller frequent meals. Three months on, Mrs. S reported normal bowel movements, a healthy appetite but with regulated diet, stabilisation of her weight and greatly improved quality of life. Mrs. S found TRIMED and in her we found the silent cause of numerous symptoms, autonomic dysfunction- the aspect of human physiology that our ancient texts focus on as the kundalini.

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