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BMMrs. P, a carnatic music teacher was admitted in an esteemed hospital based in Chennai with complaints of pricking and pulling pain in the right shoulder, difficulty in lifting her arms and gripping objects. This led to inability in doing her activities of daily living such as grooming as well as her household chores. She was a diabetic on regular treatment with suboptimal control of her sugar levels. Adding to her existing woes, she had an unsteady gait resulting in multiple falls and a sudden cessation of her music classes leading to extreme health related anxiety.

After discharge from the hospital, she underwent a comprehensive integrative clinical assessment by our team, which revealed a history of longstanding right shoulder pain which forced her to use her left hand for all her activities – quite an arduous task for someone who is not ambidextrous. The pain was persistent in spite of a course of physical therapy.

At Trimed, based on the detailed assessment, she underwent a comprehensive integrative program for peri arthritis of the shoulder for a month. This included a combination of Ayurveda, Reflexology, Mud Pack, Physiotherapy and Psychological counseling from our team of specialists. Ayurveda therapies comprised of medicated hot foments, gentle oil massages, and Physiotherapy included Electrotherapy, manual therapy, muscle strengthening with exercises – both the modalities helped in the pain reduction and loosening of stiff muscles. Reflexology helped improve blood circulation and re-activation of the nerve centres. Mud Pack helped in proper digestion and improvement of appetite. She underwent psychological counseling and was taught the Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique which was effective in reducing her anxiety. Breathing exercises and Meditation along with carnatic music was also engaged as a part of anxiety and pain relief treatment.

The caregiver was educated with the ways and means to help her in recovery as a part of family counseling. The extensive support from her family played a major role in her speedy recovery.

At the end of the treatment program, mobility and flexibility was restored to her right shoulder and she was able to use it as well as before. She was back to juggling the various tasks she took pride in doing, with a flourish.

Her feedback about Trimed was that she loved coming for treatment because of the friendly demeanour and efficient service of our team. She also continued with a regular exercise regimen at home which was taught to her at Trimed.

Her words of gratitude to Trimed poured forth in the form of enchanting music, enthusing our team with a sense of pride and satisfaction about restoring an optimal quality of life for yet another patient in the true blue Trimed Way.

This TRIMED story is contributed by Ms. Angeline Vinitha, our Specialist in Psychological Counseling.

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