Home Alone!

Mr. S a quintessential gentleman of 92 summers lives alone in Chennai. After an illustrious career in the Indian Army, having occupied high positions and served actively in 3 wars, he retired to [...]


Frozen Music

Mrs. P, a carnatic music teacher was admitted in an esteemed hospital based in Chennai with complaints of pricking and pulling pain in the right shoulder, difficulty in lifting her arms and [...]


When God Closes One Door…

Nothing strikes greater fear in our hearts, than the possibility of lifelong disability. Sadly, modern medicine’s many advances, are yet to guarantee complete recovery from paralytic [...]


The Pursuit of Wellness

When Mr. R the CEO of a very large enterprise first walked into TRIMED it was for non-specific aches and fatigue, no doubt the result of his highly pressured lifestyle. After a course of [...]


From Tasmanian Devil to Mathematical Whiz

Master S first met the Neurokrish team (later to become the Neurokrish-Trimed team) about 5 years ago. Aged three years old at the time, he was brought to us by his grandfather who had recovered [...]


The Man Behind the Dementia Mask !!

  When the TRIMED team first encountered Mr. R aged 61 years, he was curled up on his bed in a fetal position, doubly incontinent (for both urine and faeces), barely taking in a few sips of [...]


A Story Of Recovery From Brain Haemorrhage

Mr. M a farmer from an area near Chennai was first admitted in a prominent Chennai hospital with brain haemorrhage. After a two week stay in ICU he was transferred to a rehab centre. The stroke [...]


One Too Many – Tips to Tackle Multi-Medical Conditions.

Healthcare in the 21 Century has woken up to a new challenge — multi-morbidity. The presence of two or more chronic medical conditions in an individual is referred to as multimorbidity. Examples [...]


Never Mind

Caregiving can be taxing when your child suffers from a neuro-developmental disorder. But, don’t lose hope. Dr. Ennapadam S Krishnamoorthy Children with neuro-developmental disorders (NDD) suffer [...]