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At the heart of TRIMED Therapy is integration. We firmly believe that putting a multidisciplinary team together under one roof, to care for you, is merely the first step. To be effective and add life to years, the team has to perform in synchrony. It is here that the TRIMED Therapy model, developed diligently through years of painstaking research, comes into being.

TRIMED is an integration of at least “three therapy streams” for everyone. It brings together for each core symptom the best of many worlds, old and new. When you walk in, you meet our core team, for a comprehensive “true health” assessment, a unique clinical exercise that combines the stethoscope with the “doshas”, “chakras” and “nadi”; musculoskeletal assessments with mental health assessments; mind-body medicine. Once our team have had their “huddle”, they then propose for you “a customised therapy basket”.

This where we become uniquely different. We encourage you, the client, to join us in developing your “care plan”, drawing on our range of proposed therapies to create a unique blend, for you! We then proceed to deliver this plan to you in a systematic & structured manner.

We work entirely through a cloud based electronic health record in which all your healthcare data is securely maintained

We have periodic clinical case conferences chaired by our Allopathic physicians to discuss your progress and troubleshoot. We invite you and your family to take an active part in these

We re-assess your mid-therapy & end of therapy to document your progress, understand the problems that remain and refine your future care plan

We support your caregivers, helping them to add life to years, both yours & their own

In short, we are to you “care buddies” for as long as you need us – working to restore, rehabilitate & rejuvenate you!


All medication at TRIMED is completely allopathic. Our team of experienced doctors ensure that you get effective treatment and quick results. The panel of experts formulate a detailed plan to alleviate your symptoms. Our investigation process is unique due to the various screening techniques we have which have been developed to ensure every problem is caught in its infancy. Every detail is then uploaded onto our secure cloud server so that any expert in our facility that is treating you will know exactly what is to be done.


One of the oldest treatment methodologies, Ayurveda has its history right here in India. It has been used as one of the safest practices as a curative and preventive healthcare measure and has stood the test of time. Our practitioners are well-trained, honest, trustworthy physicians who have mastered the art of integrating Ayurveda with modern medicine. They are well versed in the different styles of Ayurvedic treatment and have years of experience in preparation of the unique medicines


If you meet a Naturopath, they will tell you that our outlook of the world is one of the primary causes of our ailments. We are not in sync with nature and as such we are the ones who bear the brunt of it with our health. Techniques used for treatment are completely safe as they only enhance the body to heal itself. The array of treatment options enable you to transform your lifestyle into a sound and healthy one. Be it mud baths, acupressure, or even magnetotherapy our specialists deliver personalized treatment to suit to your needs.


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