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The Trimed Story

A pioneering centre for integrative medical therapy, TRIMED combines the scientific rigour of modern medicine with the wisdom from many ancient healing traditions.

TRIMED evolved from the realisation that “modern medicine cannot, on its own, tackle the problems of middle and older age, usually with the onset of chronic disease and associated symptoms, as both drug treatment and surgery have their limitations. Traditional medical systems on the other hand have a number of targeted solutions for the common symptoms of chronic disease- pain, mobility, stress & lifestyle. The TRIMED USP is to combine Allopathic rehabilitative techniques (physical & psychological therapy) with Ayurveda, Naturopathy (water, mud, magnets & herbal preparations), a range of manual methods (Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology), movement (exercise & yoga) & nutrition.

We have thus, from 2009, been touching the lives of people, addressing not just their bodies, but their minds and spirit. TRIMED Therapy is thus a unique symphony that blends the old & the new, one that strives to add life to years!

About our Founder


Dr Ennapadam, S Krishnamoorthy, an internationally renowned neuropsychiatrist, is the architect & thought leader of this unique endeavour that blends the modern with the traditional



Dr. Rema Raghu

An experienced doctor, graduate of Stanley Medical College, with qualifications in Tropical Medicine, Epidemiology (University of London); training in general medicine, diabetes, neurology, pain management and lifestyle management; Dr. Rema Raghu is Trimed’s Clinical Director. With 18 years of experience, Dr. Rema leads the clinical team consisting of Allopathic Physicians, Ayurveda Physicians, Naturopathy & Yoga Physicians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists and a range of allied health professionals. Dr. Rema Raghu co-founded Trimed and has been Clinical Director since inception.


Raghu Venkatnarayan

Raghu Venkatnarayanan: A senior management professional with 20 plus years of experience, Raghu is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras with PGDM from IIM Ahmedabad. Having served in several senior consulting and leadership roles (E & Y, PWC ), Raghu has wide experience of advising companies across domains on business strategy and management. Raghu co-founded Trimed and has been a director since inception.


Gayathri Krishnamoorthy

A marketing and management professional, Masters from Middlesex University Business School (UK), Gayathri has worked across market research, business development and general management roles. She serves as Trimed’s Chief Operating Officer and leads the corporate team served by Human Resources, Finance, Operations, and Business Development professionals. Gayathri co-founded Trimed and has been a director since inception.

Our Team/Our Specialists

Our team is divided into basic sub-categories which are derived from our unique treatment methodology


Allopathic Physicians

Each TRIMED centre is lead by a modern medicine physician who oversees patient care with the required rigour. All treatments at TRIMED are supervised and co-ordinated by the Allopath.


Ayurveda Physicians

All our Ayurveda Physicians are qualified with the Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical Sciences (BAMS, equivalent to the MBBS). They have at their disposal a whole range of external Ayurveda treatment methods (massages, poultices, foments) that they deploy with skill, ably assisted by the general therapists, to relieve pain, enhance mobility and tackle stress & lifestyle issues.


Naturopathic Physicians

All our Naturopathic Physicians are qualified with the Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Medical Sciences (BNYS), equivalent to the MBBS). Versatile and multi-skilled they teach “Therapeutic Yoga”, use a range of elements available in nature, e.g. mud, water, herbal preparations, essential oils, magnets; perform a range of manual therapies- massages, Acupuncture, Acupressure & Reflexology); guide diet and detoxification. They thus draw upon the basic elements of nature to help in your healing process


Physical & Occupational Therapists

All our Physical Therapists are qualified with the Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT); some have in addition a specialised Master in Physiotherapy (MPT) and other higher qualifications and accreditations. Our physiotherapists are equipped with a full suite of modern equipments that relieve pain, enhance mobility and improve activities of daily living (ADL)


Psychological Therapists

All our Psychological Therapists are equipped with a Masters in Psychology or Masters in Psychiatric Social Work with suitable training and experience. We also have Clinical Psychologists (M.Phil) who assess those patients who need a specialised evaluation of their psychological status. Using their clinical interview skills and questionnaires our psychological therapists first build a good understanding of each client. Thereafter, they use a range of psychological therapy techniques to relieve stress and enhance healing from pain and mobility issues


General Therapists

Trained primarily as nurses or masseurs, they are drawn from reputed schools and recruited for their skills. They are further trained in-house, comprehensively, to support our Ayurveda & Naturopathy physicians in treatment delivery


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