Psychological Counseling


What is psychological counseling?

Counseling could be defined as the means by which one person helps another through purposeful conversation. Psychological counseling is a method of identifying practical solutions to an identified problem.

Why is it important?

The stress of everyday living has an impact not only on the body but more so on the psyche. This in turn manifests itself in the form of pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and a host of other disorders. It may be of prime importance to seek counseling at the onset of a problem, so that it helps an individual perform normal activities, unhindered.

How does it work?

The counselor/ psychotherapists provide an environment where an individual, couple or group can disclose personal issues, problems, thoughts and feelings in a safe and confidential setting. The aim of the therapist / counselor is to work with a view, to providing the ability to cope with issues, decision making, relationships, thoughts and feeling that may be causing concern. At Trimed, our expert therapists are trained to apply myriad techniques like cognitive behaviour therapy, JPMR, humanistic and existential therapy, family therapy, play therapy, art therapy, lifestyle modification, cognitive retraining and a host of other techniques, as appropriate, depending on the age of the client and the severity of the condition.

Who is it useful for?

From behavioural and attention issues to personal issues, family conflicts, lack of motivation, difference between interests and aptitude and health and Psycho-somatic disorders, psychological counseling has a solution to suit everyone- children, adolescents, adults, care givers and the elderly.