The Pursuit of Wellness

credit: UND

When Mr. R the CEO of a very large enterprise first walked into TRIMED it was for non-specific aches and fatigue, no doubt the result of his highly pressured lifestyle. After a course of treatment, while he reported an improvement in his general well-being, he also shared with us his valuable impressions and insights, about how our therapeutic process could improve to address “relatively well” clients like him-self. Indeed, his frank feedback resulted in our implementing no fewer than 3 key therapeutic process developments in TRIMED. When Mr. R contacted us a few months later, seeking an urgent consultation on Sunday, it was with a whole new set of complaints. He had developed severe and unpredictable giddiness of three weeks duration, which had incapacitated him to such an extent that he had stopped working for over 10 days. Predictably Mr. R had seen specialists of every description: ENT, orthopedics, neurology, all of whom had cleared him after extensive investigations of having a serious problem, leading (much to his dismay) to his family doctor suggesting he see a psychiatrist for mental stress. Fed up with his many medical interactions, Mr. R decided to come back to TRIMED, this time with “significant’ medical symptoms; not merely for wellness, but seeking a cure.

When we re-examined Mr. R we noted three key factors.
a. Cervical spondylosis and resultant severe cervical spasm
b. Postural vertigo that came on suddenly when he moved or changed posture
c. Accompanying acute anxiety and phobia about falling that understandably accompanied the aforementioned symptoms.

Mr. R was started on a TRIMED program to address the aforementioned key factors. A combination of massage, physiotherapy (posture and balance exercises and instrumental therapy to reduce cervical spasm) and Relaxation techniques were delivered sequentially to him in our TRIMED center over 2 weeks. He did of course receive suitable allopathic medication for these new symptoms.

In a week Mr. R was feeling much better, started to travel to his office and spend a couple of hours there, bringing work home. In two weeks he stopped experiencing his giddiness episodes and was well enough for prolonged periods of time, to return to measured daily duties. A month on, he was back in his CEO saddle, multitasking, travelling extensively, managing crises in multifarious forms. Two things have changed however: Mr. R has become more measured in his approach to his work life balance. He is also regular with his practice of the TRIMED Way. Mr. R still drops into TRIMED religiously for an hour long weekly session with his favorite therapist; his way of “staying well”. Mr. R found TRIMED and together with us has made the journey from Illness to Wellness, like so many others before and after him.

A Story Of Recovery From Brain Haemorrhage

Mr. M a farmer from an area near Chennai was first admitted in a prominent Chennai hospital with brain haemorrhage. After a two week stay in ICU he was transferred to a rehab centre. The stroke had left him confused, disoriented and apathetic with slurred speech and a weak left half of the body. Over 1 month intensive physio at the rehab centre resulted in his being more alert and able to sit up but not stand or walk. At this stage, his employer, a satisfied TRIMED customer, requested us to examine him and take him up for therapy.

Mr. M’s first visit to our Teynampet centre was in a wheel chair. While alert and oriented, he was depressed and apathetic, lacked confidence, and remained severely impaired in his activities, despite daily physiotherapy. At TRIMED Mr. M was started on whole body ayurvedic massage, acupuncture, yoga therapy, goal oriented physiotherapy, specifically gait training and psychological therapy (relaxation training and motivation enhancement). Almost miraculously, on the fourth day of therapy, Mr. M started to take a few steps with support and expressed a desire to get well. Today, after 3 weeks of TRIMED THERAPY, Mr. M is able to walk around with support, even going around the centre building with his family member assisting him. He has regained independence in all his sitting activities of daily living and is now being trained on safe transfers- bed-chair-toilet, in preparation to returning home. Needless to say Mr. M, his family, employer and treating physician, are all delighted with his progress, once thought to be unimaginable.

Mr. M is only one of many stroke patients who have made marvellous recoveries in our TRIMED THERAPY program, learning to overcome their disability. Indeed, they inspire TRIMED in its quest for excellence.