The Real Mrs. B


Mrs. B, the wife of a Nellore based farmer, came to see us in Trimed a month ago, referred by one of our very satisfied clients. She had an episode of Herpes Simplex Encephalitis a serious brain infection about 4 months earlier. While treatment in a major hospital had saved her life and helped her go home, she had been left with a host of memory and behaviour problems. The normally placid and convivial Mrs. B had become aggressive, paranoid, forgetful and dependant on others for all her daily activities. So much so that she was no longer Mrs. B- the loveable person everyone knew. Her family were beside themselves with grief to see the the nucleus of their household so devastated by a brain infection.

Mrs. B was admitted in our partner hospital under our care, evaluated by the Neurokrish-TRIMED team (our 360* True Health assessment), administered intravenous steroids to spur on her brain recovery, prescribed an optimum range of psychotropic drugs and inducted into our TRIMED therapy program. In this week of hospital based therapy, we made several clinical gains- better behaviour and orientation, better cooperation with the therapy team and her family, better nutrition and improved activities of daily living. She was discharged to our centre where she continued to receive physiotherapy, mud therapy, acupuncture, Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercises and expert Cognitive Retraining and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Her family was also counselled about her condition and how to care for her.

Today, Mrs. B is wending her way back to Nellore from Chennai, a transformed person. Once again she has become placid and calm in her responses. She trusts her family members and interacts with them normally, not displaying any temper tantrums. Her memory is improving with each passing day and she no longer has the profound lapses she was experiencing even a month ago. Mrs. B is a very good example of how brain infections and inflammations can affect the human temperament and indeed how there is in every one of our brains, a personality. She found TRIMED and we at TRIMED found the real Mrs. B.

From Heaven’s Door to the Emerald Isle

“Teach us to live that we may dread, unnecessary time spent in bed;
Get people up & about and we may save, our patients from an early grave!”
~Richard Asher, Legendary London Physician


Mr. P from Sri Lanka was brought to our attention, by another patient of ours Mr. A, who had benefitted greatly from our therapy. Four months earlier, Mr. P, a successful trader, had found himself developing abnormal sensations in his hands and legs, followed insidiously by progressive weakness. He went on to develop, over a month, problems with swallowing, speech and a host of other brain functions. As the family was concerned about his progressive illness, he was shifted to a major Chennai hospital. There he was diagnosed to have an acute inflammatory disorder of the brain, Acute Disseminating Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). After a fortnight in hospital during which time he received high dose intravenous steroids and a host of life saving procedures, Mr. P was discharged to home care and physiotherapy. A fortnight later, when the family found progress lacking, the TRIMED team was called in.

When we first met Mr. P he was bedridden, needing assistance for all activities of daily living; being fed by a Ryle’s tube, unable to speak, communicate, even indicate his needs. We were very concerned about his health and longevity. A brief admission in our affiliate hospital showed metabolic disturbances, probably a consequence of poor intake, needing immediate correction, as well as (in endoscopy by our discerning ENT consultant) significant oedema (swelling) of the laryngeal structures. He was stabilised in hospital over 5 days and discharged back to home care by the TRIMED team. We started our work with home based rehabilitation using a combination of Ayurveda therapies, mud therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, nutritional management and motivational counselling. In a week Mr. P was being mobilised from his bed to a wheelchair and was able to come to the TRIMED centre in his neighbourhood for intensive therapy. He was acknowledging his caregivers and attempting to communicate. In two weeks he started to stand with support and was able to swallow small quantities of blended food. He was able to speak a few words in a low voice. At the end of three weeks Mr. P was able to walk with assistance, eat most foods given to him; speak well enough to be clearly understood, eat normal meals and enjoy watching TV.

Today, four weeks on, from the time he found TRIMED, Mr. P is boarding a flight back to Sri Lanka. He came to Chennai in a stretcher and boarded a hospital ambulance, acutely ill. Six weeks on, he will walk through Chennai airport to board his aircraft. We hope he will continue to practice the TRIMED way, our one hour program combining hatha yoga, progressive muscle relaxation and ergonomic exercises. His wife, besides herself with joy, has pinned an inspirational message on your centre’s notice board.

No doubt Mr. P needed and benefited from acute medical care, which saved his life. But it was our rich TRIMED blend of modern medicine with ancient medical traditions that got him back on his feet, delivering care beyond cure. Mr. P’s journey to Heaven’s Door and his triumphant return to the Emerald Isle, is our continued well-spring of inspiration at TRIMED.

The Kundalini in Our Bowels!

220px-DiagrammaChakraKundaliniWhen Mrs. S, the wife of a practicing physician, first approached us, she been suffering with an uncontrolled appetite and irritable bowels for over two years. She was eating every two hours, had gained over 10 kgs, and had to visit the loo at a similar frequency. She had consulted an army of medical specialists, had been labelled “neurotic”, “anxious”, and a variety of other disparaging terms. At TRIMED, our 360* assessment of her TRUE HEALTH revealed one very important aspect that perhaps had not been identified in her myriad scans and tests- Mrs. S had several features of autonomic dysfunction, although she was otherwise in perfect health.

When we first prescribed our Trimed Therapy Gastro disease management program for Mrs. S, she and her family were disbelieving; that using a combination of alternative medical approaches, our very special brand of integrative medical therapy, would help. Nevertheless, desperate as she was, Mrs. S committed herself to a TRIMED program that included a detoxification process, diet, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation exercises, as well as sessions of therapy both with ayurveda oils and therapeutic mud. The only allopathic input from us for this program, was to introduce a ion channel stabiliser and continue her prescription of lactobacillus and pantoprazole (both longstanding).

Over a month Mrs. S started to report an improvement in her symptoms. Her bowel movements began to stabilise and her visits to the loo halved. Her appetite too became more stable and manageable, with her managing her diet with smaller frequent meals. Three months on, Mrs. S reported normal bowel movements, a healthy appetite but with regulated diet, stabilisation of her weight and greatly improved quality of life. Mrs. S found TRIMED and in her we found the silent cause of numerous symptoms, autonomic dysfunction- the aspect of human physiology that our ancient texts focus on as the kundalini.